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Southern Arizona Road Cleanup

After the meeting on October 21st, members of the Southern Arizona Chapter of ABATE traveled down to Whetstone, AZ, which is about 60 miles South East of Tucson, near the place where AZ Hwy 90 meets Hwy 82. Just to the East of the intersection of these two Highways is Buddy's bar and just East of there is a one mile stretch of highway that the Southern Arizona Chapter has been cleaning since it was known as the Tucson Chapter. We had about 10 folks take the ride down after our meeting and we made quick work of the clean-up! In the years we have been doing this it has gotten easier each time. We believe that as people see that it is clean and and no longer full of trash that they are less likely to throw garbage out of their moving vehicles. It is just none of the things ABATE members are doing to be a positive force in our communities.

Meeting of the Minds 2017

As I arrived to the hotel Doubletree in Williamsburg, VA with Jim Butsback, Mike Infanzon, and Mary K. Donnay. I was greeted by Anissa Thorpe- Huntington (Dragonfly) and Darron Lee Radar Huntington (Radar).

After checking in I headed over to the Hospitality Suite which was hosted by Virginia Bikers Association & Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists. It was great seeing so many familiar faces from last years conference. Kind of makes you feel at peace. Shortly after arriving it was time to gather in the Auditorium for Meet the Board/Meet the States @ 7:00. After introducing the MRF Board. The States each got up and announced what they have accomplished in the last year. The Bills that had been passed and bills still waiting. They also announced their agendas. It was very informational.

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Safety Starts With YOU

This month’s article on safety and how it really needs to start with you. In this case it started with me.

I recently bought a brand-new HD Street Glide Special. I named him Olaf as he is Crushed White Ice Pearl. He glistens like snow in the sun light. Olaf is from the Disney Movie Frozen- so If you haven’t seen it yet… He is a goofy Snow man that loves everything hot and everything about summer.

Ok back to Safety- Despite me having 30 years on motorcycles and dirt bikes, this new bike is twice the weight and twice the power of my previous bike- A 2006 Honda Shadow 750cc. Greater than 30 % of MC accident are operator error or could have been avoided if a rider riding skill were more proficient. I’m partaking in a few different course in efforts to avoid all the crazies out there. Last Sunday I participated in a 2-hour practice skill day at Turf Paradise sponsored by the GWR. There had to be about 50 bikes of all kinds that showed up of all makes and models as well as all ages and both men and women. I was happy to see so much interest in the mc world to focus on their own riding skills. These classes take place every month the second Sunday from 8am – 10am. There are coaches on site available to answer questions and offer tips but it is really open game to 17 or so different obstacle courses. Best part is it is free and you really meet a lot of cool people with great riding skills

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53rd Legislature Scorecard

ABATE of Arizona has tracked legislation that will
impact Arizona motorcyclists for over 25 years.

This year’s Arizona Legislative Scorecard is the first time we have rated the elected officials at the state capital in regards to legislation. This scorecard is in no way endorsing any legislator. It is only to be used as a tool when contacting your elected representatives and during election season.

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