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53rd Legislature Scorecard

ABATE of Arizona has tracked legislation that will
impact Arizona motorcyclists for over 25 years.

This year’s Arizona Legislative Scorecard is the first time we have rated the elected officials at the state capital in regards to legislation. This scorecard is in no way endorsing any legislator. It is only to be used as a tool when contacting your elected representatives and during election season.

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Party on the Patio 2017

Party on the Patio

Saturday, May 13th, 2017
Desert Winds Harley-Davidson in Mesa

Party on the Patio,
benefitting ABATE's Too Broke For Sturgis,
June 8-11, 2017


East Valley Chapter Honors Jack Batty

Jack Batty... even just seeing or hearing his name brings a smile to most everyone who knows him. Jack has decided to take a break from being an officer and board representative.

Compared to many of our members I am still a wet behind the ears newbie. Being said newbie and curious I asked Jack what positions he had held so far during his ABATE adventure. At the chapter level it might be easier to just say what he hasn’t been. Here is the list he gave me: Jack has held the positions of Chapter Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Secretary, Runs/Events Coordinator, Communications, Merchandise, Masterlink distribution, and last but not least East Valley Chapter Board of Directors representative.

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Too Broke for Sturgis 2016 People and Bike Game Results, as Best We can Recall.

Hosted by-Don and Lisa Withey, TV Bob, Gimpy, Jeremy, Jack Batty, Jean, Clydeman, "Navy" Mike Rudd, Nolan and Thomas Bishop Automotive.


Men’s Helmet Toss- 29 participants, came down to a 5 way tie with 2 in. Then a 4 way tie, all with 2 in, then the toss off between Danna Campbell and Jeff Schops with Jeff throwing for the win.

Woman’s Helmet Toss-19 participants, 8 way playoffs with 2 in, then 2 with 2 in and Karen Gregory throwing all 3 in for the win.

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United….We Stand! - Crossing Barriers to Strengthen Our Message

What, what is that you say? What barriers?

While I haven’t been an officer for long, I have spent years listening and observing – to riders, to friends and acquaintances. So today I’m talking TO you… ABOUT you….and YOUR potential … to strengthen our collective riders’ VOICE in a cage-based world.

Why should we Cross Those Barriers? For information. For solidarity. For strength in numbers. So we can join together in protecting our remaining freedoms of the road.

And wait, a voice in the Legislature is only part of it. I’m talkin’ about a voice with the crotch rocket rider who speeds past you - or the cruiser who is squelching your ‘need for speed on an open highway some early Sunday morning. I’m also talking about awareness for “the 2nd ripple” – those riders all have friends; those riders all have families and jobs with coworkers; those riders all talk to people in line at the Circle K and at the supermarket. We need to understand the common traits AND the differences to really Cross Those Barriers.

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