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Rumbles from your State Secretary

Hey there everyone.

I need to start out by saying Thank you to the Eagles and everyone who joined us for the 2017 ABATE State social. With that said I need to extend an extra big thank you to Ms TBFS and the rest of the Templar Krusaders MC without them it would have been a very small event (we are talking 18 people). I understand that it is the busy event season and you have to pick and choose. I have to admit I am a wee bit disappointed. We did this to celebrate all of you and the work you do all year long. We still had some fun.

There were 4 entries in the chili cook off. With Teresa and Ben in Texas and unavailable to defend the chili crown it gave the rest of us a chance. Nolan ended up winning the chili cook off and the prize money. A good portion of the prize money will be going to the ACMC toy run.

Siss with the Templar Krusaders MC won the 50/50 and donated it back to help others, a portion went to support a family in need that the Eagles are collecting for and the remainder will go to toys for the ACMC toy run. We had some fun raffle prizes. The most sought after being a giant teddy bear. Lil Miss feel in love with bear as did Dragonfly from Southern Arizona Chapter. When it came time to draw for the bear everybody held their breath. Boom Dragonfly won, she then gifted it to lil Miss. It was beautiful.

Kass and crew were there to entertain us with Karaoke. They donated half of their usual fee, which was awesome. Thank you. They are great. We have used them for both last year and this years socials and had a blast both times.

Hope your Holidays are Peaceful and your New Year's bright

Dawn P. Steed
ABATE of Arizona
State Secretary