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What does it take?

You hear it almost every day, another motorcyclist killed. It is very sad, another brother or sister lost. What does it take to prevent hearing these very words every day?

Many have said we should do this and that but how many really put their money where there mouth is and join an MRO or vote or, there are so many ways to get involved in keeping our rights and keep our riders safe.

I believe unity between MRO’s and the general public would help. Why can’t we support each other, work together for the greater benefit? Is it some hidden law that MRO’s can’t work together?

I was reading some other papers and noticed that we are fighting for a lot of the same causes, and even our members are members of another MRO’s. It is a little step, but we need a big giant leap.

You can’t fight for motorcycle rights if you don’t know what you are fighting for.

We are fighting for our safety! In the last week alone we have had 5 motorcycle accidents, 3 of them fatal. The larger the article if you ARE wearing a helmet. Most of these accidents are on the freeway but just as many occur on surface streets.

We can’t fight for our cause if we can’t get the word out. PEOPLE, the more people we make aware, the voice we have is louder. At ABATE, our cause IS motorcycle rights, including education.

Motorcycle Day at the Dome is our day to talk to our legislators and make a huge impact by our presence. WE MUST be heard!, If our voices are as loud as the pipes on a bike, we can make a difference. MDATD, will be over by the time this article prints, it is my hope that MDATD is a huge success and we gain a few more members wanting to be a part of our cause.

Casey Yates
ABATE of Arizona
State Secretary