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Info - Safety - MAP Reports

Plank Walk- 8 Teams to start. [The most ever Folks, thanks] The Winner was Team 4.

Nathan Riddle, Kenny Jackson, Shelby, Brandy Jedrysek

Tug-O-War – Woman’s Team Winners Dawn West, Michelle Hill, Rhonda Wilke, Gynni Giebel

Men’s Team Winners-Wolfskin and M&M Cycles, Jubel Dean Mike Lyon Reds Clark Postal.

Pole in the Hole- 3 heats of 4 with Kim Davies and Kristina Womboldt poking it for the win.

Bike Games

Slow Race-With 33 participants the race came down to two riders, Wayne Slocum and Postal with Wayne falling behind for the win.

Jousting 32 Riders- 6 3in. Rings-only two couples got all 6 then we went on to the 2 1/2in rings with Rob and Krista sticking it for the Gold.

Thanks to Gypsy for coming on the Field and participating and thanks to Rob and Krista for sharing the award.

Ball Drop-23 Riders [thanks Wayne for fixin’ the pipe]-After 6 trips past the poles and 3 adjustments the winners agreed to a tie with Rob and Krista and Read Riot Act to share the Glory.

Weenie Bite-20 Riders- The longest bite goes to Tamalyn and Gunner of the ever famous Read Riot Act. Honorable Mention to Ben and Trauma Momma for a very close second. Any closer and there would've been a Bite Off.

I would like to thank all the fine folks who played the games with us this year. You guys make the fun we just provide the setting. I have seen many of the same faces for years return again and again. [R.I.P. Rat] I’ve been doing this for 20 years plus after taking over from the original Game Masters of Too Broke and it just keeps getting better and better. Camping, Comaraderie, and Competition! This is the real heart of an Old School Biker Run. ABATE of Arizona needs your support to continue the quest to be Free and Ride how and where we want. Join today and have a voice. WHAT SAY YOU?

Ride Fast and Take Chances, Clydeman Questions and comments? Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.