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Are You a Fair Weather Rider?

Today as I put on my thermals, leather pants, chaps, vest, scarf, and another scarf, pull my helmet on then extra thick gloves. I ponder the question: is it just me, or getting older? Seems to me there was a day when I would hop on the back of a bike at any chance I got. My attire never seemed to matter, it was never too cold or too hot. I am not sure if it was just the alcohol that made me weather resistant, or sheer stupidity, but I did it.

If it is 70 degrees or lower, I am a popsicle. Is it because I am from Phoenix, and 70 is cold? And the rain, it rains here so little, more than often I see others riders wearing the same rain gear we are, the hefty bag. In our Too Broke For Sturgis bags we add a hefty bag for it’s primary purpose, to remind everyone to pick up their trash, Due to most activities most riders toss it in their bags, and thank God for that, those afternoon rains come on so fast!

Many say Arizona is the ideal state to live in (and it is!) because you can ride year around, yeah right. When it is 117 here, unless it’s your primary source of transportation, you are defiantly going for A/C, and night riding becomes the norm.

Raining? Who wants to get all wet and cold,? Snow? Oh, please.

It is cold and rainy now, as I run out to my “cage” to turn it on and warm it up, I look longingly at my bike all covered up, and think to myself “can’t wait until Spring!” I am freezing my ass off, and layering takes so long either way. I envy those who need not layer, but not me, I will be the chick looking like an Eskimo, unable to move my arms, legs and head.

See you in the Spring!

Casey Yates
ABATE of Arizona
State Secretary