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Time to PACT this Out!

By following this simple guideline you could help save the life of a fellow biker.

It's a multi-tasking event lets go thru the acronyms to show you what to do.

P-Prevent further injury, move vehicles off the road and make yourself and the site visible, grab your trauma kit and leave a least 100 ft for the EMS vehicle to maneuver.

A-Assess the situation... how many vehicles are involved how many people are hurt,what injuries are suspected, are there more then one rider?

C- Call EMS dial 911 or dial 0 for operator give the information such as location, number of bikers down, number of vehicles involved and possible injuries.

T-Treat injuries use the ABCss of basic trauma.

Airway are they breathing? Open the airway to look listen and feel if not go to B for breathing and if you can give breaths one every five seconds. C circulation control the bleeding if you can use a pressure point to slow it down and elevation of the limb that is bleeding. S Shock you know they will have it may the person lay flat and elevate the uninjured legs cover them and keep them warm. S Spinal immobilization always suspect head and neck injuries and support the neck using your hands and prevent the head from moving. Never remove the helmet unless they are not breathing.

Take the accident scene management class when its offered, you learn alot and can help save a life.

I put on a demo for the east Valley Chapter of the basic skills. Thank you Dawn Steed and Richard Dalton for your help and Mrs. Ferrucci for taking the pics.

Thank you for grabbing a free home made trauma pack for all those who attended we had leftovers so bring a small bag next meeting to get one for yourself.

Ride safe and ride free!

Jim Silk
State Safety Officer