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October Report

I know this article is sure to piss off a lot of our members, but I don’t care, it's got to be said. Yes, I know this should be about motorcycle safety, but there is something else I need to address. Those of you who don’t know me, let me tell you a little about myself. I have worked in health care since 1976, starting my career working on an ambulance, and then 7 years working nights at Westminster Community Hospital in California. I have also helped with security and first aid at the last 14 Too Broke for Sturgis’, and let’s say in my life I've seen my share of mayhem and tragedy from mass shootings to suicides. Another fact about me is I have had a concealed weapons permit since 1992, and have been carrying for longer than that, and some of our friends and I compete to see who is better armed (you know who you are). Before I hear from you all, I’m not for taking anyone’s gun, and I will also defend your right to be able to carry and defend yourself. But, I also think we all have the right to not be killed by poor judgment, or need to perform lifesaving first aid because someone made bad decisions. This past Too Broke, we had 2 gun incidents perpetrated by people who were shit-faced. Luckily no one got killed, but we just got lucky, plain and simple.

Owning a gun is a cherished right. With that right, comes a great responsibility. The gun owner is obligated to always be safe and responsible with their gun. There are three things you should never touch after drinking alcohol or using drugs; motorcycle keys, car keys, or a gun. Bad things can happen. When you drink or use drugs, your judgment, reflexes, balance, coordination, manual dexterity, and vision all become impaired, while your emotions become both enhanced and distorted. When a gun is added, this is a very bad combination that I have personally seen the very sad end result of. If you have not gotten your hands bloodied or have not seen the reaction when someone is first told their loved one is dead and won't be coming home, you have not walked in my shoes, or know how I feel, if you have been there with me, I hope you are okay.

Now is the time to take a stand, not only is it okay to tell your friend “we are going to get crazy, let’s stow our weapons and party hardy”, it is our duty as responsible gun owners. We all have the responsibility to protect the people we love. Sometimes we need to protect the ones we love from themselves. I hope you will join me in helping save someone's life.

I have agreed to chair the 2016 Too Broke for Sturgis planning committee and need some help. ABATE really needs someone to step up and take on this state safety officer position for the 2016-2017 term, someone please step up and take this on, elections are coming up in November.


Joel “JR” Rosen
State Safety Officer