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Info - Safety - MAP Reports

Being the Coordinator of Abate of Arizona’s Motorcycle Awareness Program (MAP), I’d like to share a little bit of what’s been going on. This program was started in Arizona, by ABATE of Arizona approximately 8 years ago. It had a rough start the first year or so, but finally took off running about 2003. With the potential for access to funding from the Motorcycle Safety Fund, I started a documenting process, recording all aspects of the classes presented and number of students taught, as well as teacher and students comments, for every class moving forward. I went to different areas of the state and worked with ABATE members in those areas, to educate and train prospective MAP presenters. I then approached the Arizona Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council that I was a member of and requested funds for such things as the Key Chains and informational Tri-folds we handed out to students. They did us one better, by actually making these part of what we know as ‘stock items’ today, and are available to all motorcyclists to hand out at their events

As continuity of the MAP is a key to its success, all presenters follow a script that takes approximately 50 minutes to present. The fact that MAP is presented to all High School Driver Ed periods for any given day, we may present to 150-200 students in one visit. We usually have anywhere from 2-4 presenters and at least 1-2 bikes at every presentation. The ‘certified presenters’ and their assistants introduce themselves and explain the reason for the program is to make drivers more aware of motorcycles on the road and how to see us better and safely share the road with us. They then talk about the most common crashes being left turns or pulling out in front of a motorcycle, show examples of the different types of gear they might see a motorcyclist in, and invite participation from the students on if they or anyone they know rides. After the showing of an 8 minute MSF Video, the presenters verbally go through the 10 question quiz with the students, giving examples of real life experiences that relate to each question throughout.

Afterwards, the students are taken outside to witness a few ‘ride bys’ to demonstrate how hard it is to judge the speed of a motorcycle by having them guess the speed and to further explain the ‘narrow profile’ of a motorcycle coming at you and how easily it can be hidden by small objects or ignored due to larger vehicles around it and so on. They then go back into the classroom, collect the evaluation sheet students fill out, hand out key chains and informational tri-folds to everyone and ask them to take them home, along with the quiz, and educate their parents.

We now have ‘certified presenters’ teaching in Tucson, Kingman, Lake Havasau, Phoenix/Metro, and soon to be Payson. Many others from ABATE and MMA and the motorcycle clubs themselves are working with us to present this very FUN and IMPORTANT Program. Although most of our recipients are High School students, we have also presented to Senior Groups and even one engineering company on 24th Street and Camelback to help them meet their safety education requirements for that year. The man in charge just happened to ride and had heard of our program from his teenage son.

Please read a few of the Teacher and Student Comments that we’ve collected off of the Evaluation sheets over the years. Their comments speak volumes for the success of MAP in Arizona. I especially like the first one under students.

You DO NOT have to be a member of ABATE or any other organization or club to assist in these presentations. If you have the time, and want to get involved in any way, shape or form, please contact me at 602-672-3531 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll get your name to the presenters in your area. If MAP is not currently being presented near you, I’ll get something going there myself and with your assistance we’ll go from there.

Teacher's Comments
  • I love this presentation – The message is so important and is presented very well. The kids love having the message come from real motorcycle riders!
  • Program provided information in a very professional and interesting manner. Students enjoyed the demonstration and the video. The guest speakers were great with their interesting backgrounds and experiences.
  • Great presentation, students like it very much. Fun and informative. Bobbi and Tim Carney relate really well to the students.
  • The students enjoyed the information given first hand knowledge
  • Great information that most vehicle/car drivers don’t understand, but need to know about motorcycles. Good info and Good Demo. Students learned a lot.
  • Did a tremendous job. The students return the next day and say, “I saw a bunch of motorcycles today/yesterday”. It’s an effective program and we are thankful for the presenters who bring this to us.
  • Enjoyed the professional touch and knowledge of the subject – Definitely would like to make this an annual event each semester.
  • This is always one of my favorite days of the semester – Very well done and the fact it comes from “bikers” I think carries more weight with the kids.
  • Students. Enjoyed all 3 participants. Very well adapted to students needs. 
  • The students really like meeting motorcycle riders. This presentation helps raise their awareness and appreciate motorcycle riders.
  • Tim, Sky Pilot, and Lisa do a very thorough job while maintaining student involvement throughout.
  • The guys did a wonderful job. I like watching the motorcycle demo. Certainly raises students awareness of motorcycles.
  • Excellent information about motorcycle awareness and safety. Much interaction with students! Great. 
  • Good presentation. Helps make students aware of how they can better interact with motorcycles and some of the problems motorcycles have to deal with on the roadway.
  • Bobbi and Tim are awesome! Without a doubt their presentation will help our students be safer while driving.
  • This is a fine program that all licensed vehicle drivers need to see – awareness of motorcycles. We were pleased to have them speak to our students.
Students Comments When Asked: What Did You Like About The Presentation?
  • I hope that I never have to say what I learned today. “I didn’t see the motorcycle officer.” That fact will be stuck in my mind when I drive.
  • Interesting facts about how to watch out for a motorcycle – you made a point to me.
  • Learned more about the bikes and how they operate – how small they are, why they maneuver, lane positions, why they wear things, where accidents happen.
  • Nice people, they were real personalities – taught by real motorcyclists – they knew what they were doing.
  • It was better than using the simulators – I would never have learned it otherwise if I had not heard it from a real person.
  • Presentation taught me more about how important motorcycles are and how vulnerable they are. I learned to give them more respect on the road and how I will treat them in the future. I will be a lot more cautious and keep my eyes open for motorcycles.
  • Got us to talk about our friends and family who ride motorcycles.
  • They are real people that took the day off to inform us of the hazards on the road.
  • Good info and facts on needing to be safe around motorcycles and to look out for them.
  • This class really helped me learn how to look for motorcyclists and be aware and to respect them like other motorists.
  • It was hard to judge the speed of the bikes, now I know how to be more careful.
  • I had never been talked to about motorcycles and I never realized how important the information is to me and the rest of the driving world.
  • The instructors didn’t talk down to us. They made us feel important.
  • It was great having real people teach the class who were nice, and could relate to us, and weren’t really serious (boring).
  • I liked that the presenters were here on their own time and were excited to be here.
  • I like the “drive by”. It gives you a better prospective on motorcycles and their riders.
  • Covered a lot of helpful information. It was good because we had people who knew about motorcycles first hand, and now motorcyclists do not intimidate me anymore.
  • I thought it was great. Very informational. It’s better to have presenters who know what they are talking about.
  • That there was an actual biker (motorcyclist) giving presentation. And we got to see an actual motorcycle.
  • The information you gave us. Very informative, interesting and valuable.
  • Real people trying to help kids and prevent death of motorcyclists.
  • I liked that it taught me to watch out for motorcycles. They are harder to see than people think.
  • I liked learning about how driving is for motorcyclists. I did not know anything about motorcycles and now I know more and how to be safe and share the road with them.
  • The information given was very useful and helpful when dealing with motorcyclists on the road. Being a beginning driver I am still a bit nervous about driving around cyclists, but having this info and knowledge now makes me a bit more comfortable.
  • I liked that she was passionate about what she was saying. Made me really believe what she’s talking about. I liked the demonstration.
  • I liked the demonstration and the presenters sharing their own experiences.
  • Knowledgeable presenter, good speaking skills, very good examples, guessing speed gave a realistic view to new drivers.

Bobbi Hartmann
ABATE Designated Lobbyist
ABATE MAP Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.