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United Nations General Assembly Calls For Global Mandatory Helmet Law

The non-binding resolution has some other very troubling issues with regards to motorcyclists. For instance, one of the directives claims that there are insufficient policies in place to protect motorcyclists. The idea that one type of policy would work for every country in the United Nations is beyond fantasy. Our diverse global motorcycle community cannot exist under a one-size fit all approach.

Another section of the resolution recognizes and commends The UN Economic Commission for Europe and the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations to modify vehicle regulations to increase safety. This is essential in the UN calling for global harmonization of policy that could include helmet laws and universal vehicle anti-tampering measures. Both of these would devastate the motorcycle community and aftermarket industry in America.

It is a clear picture of the mindset of the UN to support such an over-reaching resolution. By muddying the waters with controversial policies, the UN loses support for some very good ideas concerning distracted driving and Good Samaritan policies.

The MRF is engaged on this and will keep you informed about this issue.