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6th Annual Michael “Boz” Kerr Bikers Inside the Beltway Success

This year was another highly successful Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) event in our Nation's Capital. We were blessed with perfect weather and a robust number of citizen motorcycle lobbyists on the most important day of the year for motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists from Connecticut, Maryland, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, and Minnesota were in attendance.

This year's event resulted in nearly 250 individual meetings with Senate and House offices to advance the MRF agenda in Washington D.C. The event also coincided with the introduction of a portion of the highway legislation that expires at the end the fiscal year, September 30th. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee introduced their portion of the highway bill, which does not affect us. What this does show, is that Congress has begun in earnest to work on the much needed highway bill.

This year's attendees lobbied their members of Congress to advance the following bills;

  • H.R. 1861 - to prohibit the Federal funding of motorcycle only roadside checkpoints
  • S 2078 - to prohibit the Federal funding of motorcycle only roadside checkpoints
  • H.R. 875 - to require the EPA to halt the sale of E15 gasoline and conduct an independent study on the effect of the blend of internal combustion engines.
  • H.R. 2414 - to enact black Box privacy legislation
  • S 1925 - to enact black Box privacy legislation

Another topic at the event was a push back on President Obama's transportation proposal, GROW AMERICA which is calling for mandatory helmet laws. The Obama proposal is not very popular with Congress according to members of Congress and the staff.

This year's Congressional program was held on the Senate side of Capitol Hill. The attendees heard from Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), author of S. 2078, the Senate bill to end the funding of motorcycle only roadside checkpoints. Senator Shaheen told the group how happy she was to help end this unnecessary discrimination of motorcyclists. The group of motorcycle lobbyists also heard from Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) the lead republican on S. 2078, who gave an impassioned speech about how important it is to fight for freedom and reminded the group that they are part of a small group of Americans who actually fight for their freedoms.

This year's Bikers Inside the Beltway was a tremendous success. The MRF thanks all of those who attended from near and far to defend liberty.