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Monday is Ride to Work Day


Get On Your Bikes And Ride... as the song says.

Monday, June 16 is the 23rd Annual International Motorcycle & Scooter Ride To Work Day!

Former editor of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation's magazine "The Reports", Fred Rau, first called for a dedicated Ride To Work Day in the May 1992 issue of Road Rider magazine (now Motorcycle Consumer News). Marketing materials supporting riding to work started production in 1989 by Aero Design and Manufacturing Company (Aerostitch), a Minnesota firm that creates riding clothing and gear.

In the year 2000, the non-profit, volunteer-run Ride To Work organization was formed. You can find a host of interesting information that may be helpful in getting your communities to see the benefits of having more motorcycles and scooters on the roads on the website Their transportation fact sheet alone has some powerful, vetted research showing fuel and road-saving economy. Files include a Belgian study from 2010 that outlines the direct decreased shift in emissions and congestion in high traffic areas, exponentially equated to numbers of motorcycles traveling.

All that aside, RIDE TO WORK!

Help make the commuters in your area really NOTICE us on the roads.

Be safe, be happy, and as always, be EVER VIGILANT.