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From Hardtail

Gone. Done. Thanks!

That is the short and sweet of it.

In 1998, the bikers of this nation wrapped up a two-year lobbying effort with the signing of the TEA 21 (Intermodal Surface Transportation Equity Act reauthorization bill which became Transportation Equity Act for the Twenty First Century). In this bill was the work of the collective "we". A ban on NHTSA lobbying states to enact laws. The prohibition of motorcycle bans on highways and roads that use federal monies. A change in NHTSA's mission statement to include "accident PREVENTION". Also, the inclusion of motorcycles in the development of the Intelligent Transportation System.

Each time some of this hard-gained ground has been threatened, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) has rallied constitutionally-minded motorcyclists to contact their legislators.

The MRF issued a Call to Action on Saturday, June 7 regarding an imminent vote on an appropriations bill, Monday, June 9. With not even 48 hours with which to work,we saw a swift surgical strike by the bikers of our nation once again.

Thank you - to the constituent bikers who called U.S. Congressional House members and let them know that Section 102 of HR 4745 was inappropriate; that you considered it a violation of previous agreements, and an infringement upon the 10th Amendment of our U.S. Constitution.

Thank you - to U.S. Congressmen Walberg (MI) and Sensenbrenner (WI) for offering up an amendment to the bill language.

Thank you - to the bikers of Michigan and Wisconsin for cultivating and maintaining relationships with your U.S. Congressional Reps and Senators so that quick resolution, when needed, is possible.

We are small, but we are mighty. You are why. Thank you.