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MRF Updates

Facts Instead of Fiction on Michigan's Helmet Law Modification

June 21, 2016

In recent weeks, many advocates of mandatory helmet laws have attacked Michigan’s ADULT CHOICE motorcycle helmet law passed in 2012. In these “reports” the claim is that 40% of riders in fatal crashes were not wearing helmets which means 60% of riders were wearing helmets. More riders died wearing a helmet than without.


Every year since 1989 (a total of 26 years) when Michigan started keeping track of this data, 40% OR MORE of the motorcycle riders did not have a motorcycle endorsement and, were thus, riding illegally. In 2013 and 2015 that number reached 57% or nearly 3 out of 5 riders involved in fatal accidents, according to Michigan’s Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP).

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Members of Congress Call on DoT to Include MRF & SMRO Participation on the Newly Reestablished Motorcyclist Advisory Council

June 17, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC– This week, twenty elected officials from eleven different states issued a letter addressed to the Federal Highway Administration housed under the Department of Transportation. The letter, which had both republican and democratic signatures, addressed a section of the highway bill that would reestablish the Motorcyclist Advisory Council which would counsel the Administrator of U.S. Department of Transportation on infrastructure issues that could affect motorcyclists. The highway bill, also known as the FAST Act, was signed into law by the President earlier this year.

Specifically, the letter called on the Federal Highway Administration to ensure that the, “Motorcyclist Advisory Council include participants from the full spectrum of available experts and stakeholders of different organizations.” The letter went on to suggest explicitly which participants should be involved and calling on the Administration to include, “one member recommended by a national motorcycle riders foundation” and “two members of State motorcyclists’ organizations.”

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The MRF Supports Ride to Work Day

June 14, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC– Next Monday will mark the 25th anniversary of “Ride to Work Day,” an annual event that promotes the motorcycle as an option for commuting to work. Since 1992, this event has been organized by the Ride to Work organization aiming to increase public awareness of motorcyclists; promote the use of motorcycles as a method of transportation; and increase motorcycle safety.

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, an estimated 150,000 (approximately) commuters ride their motorcycle to work. This is a very minor portion of all commuters, though figures show these numbers are on the rise. It may be surprising that the numbers are not higher given data that supports that traveling by motorcycle can shorten journey times by as much as 33 minutes of every hour for city travel. Additional benefits can include more parking options, fuel savings and the undeniable advantage of enjoying the environment and the open air preparing yourself for a long day of work, or better yet, decompressing post-work!

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EPA Holds Public Hearing on Renewable Fuel Standard; MRF Testifies

June 09, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC– Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a public hearing in Kansas City, MO concerning the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), also referred to as ethanol mandates, and allowed interested parties the opportunity to testify regarding how the regulation affects them.

A variety of stakeholders testified; many of which expressed concern about ethanol mandates forcing increased amounts of biofuels into the U.S. fuel supply and possible effects. However, the majority of speaking slots were filled with pro-biofuel individuals which support higher blends of ethanol in fuel. They spoke passionately citing frustration that a recent EPA proposed rule published in May would increase renewable fuel volume obligations but not at levels they deem “high enough.”

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