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Legislative Update - August 2017

State Lobbyist Legislative Update

It may be the summer, but that doesn’t stop the wheels from rolling along. We recently celebrated the our nation’s birthday. The anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I hope all of you had a great day celebrating.

We had a few good meetings in the past month.


rode down to Tucson to attend the LD-9 Town Hall meeting with a few members from the Southern Arizona chapter. I was able to speak as did William Cleveland. William asked Senator Farley about his plans to keep motorcyclists safer from distracted drivers. We had the opportunity to speak with Representative Friese and Senator Farley after the event as well.


I took a ride down to the State Capitol to meet with Dr Friese. We met for close to 30 minutes and discussed some of the agenda I am hoping to get through the legislature this coming session. Hopefully he will come on board for the anti-profiling memorial we will be attempting to get done as well as insurance inequality. I spoke to him about the “helmet lie” and what insurance companies do to motorcyclists. He is willing to join us in fighting that. We are on the same page also in doing more to promote safety and awareness across the state.


I met with the MCSO director of government affairs to start a dialogue with law enforcement in making sure that motorcyclists in our state are not treated as second class citizens. It was an extremely productive meeting. We spoke about profiling and I was told that the planned memorial is something the new sheriff can get behind. I count this as a huge WIN! We spoke about civil forfeitures, gang task force doing traffic stops, red light and speed cameras, right of way violators, distracted driving, and a few other smaller things. This meeting went better than I expected and it certainly opened the dialogue with the MCSO office. I was asked if ABATE would be willing to do a joint community event to help promote motorcycle safety and awareness with the MCSO. I said sure.


We are still working on getting the House and Senate Resolutions on motorcycle profiling through committee.


Keep an eye out. I am working on coordinating a series of Biker Town Halls around our state, It will give the motorcyclists an opportunity to speak with their elected officials.

Keep an eye out on the State Lobbyist blog for continued updates. https://abateofazlobbyist.

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Freedom is a team sport!

Mike Infanzon
ABATE of Arizona
State Designated Lobbyist

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