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Legislative Update - October 2017


A few months ago I sent out an email survey to the entire ABATE membership list and asked for your concerns regarding legislation here in Arizona. The top 10 concerns were:

1. Distracted Driving 64%

I am working on language for a bill that can be introduced to enhance penalties for current distracted driving penalties.

2. Motorcycle Profiling 47%

We have the language for a motorcycle profiling memorial for the legislature and have several from the State House who are willing to introduce this memorial. This is a huge step in the right direction.

3. Lane Splitting/Filtering 34%

I am still working on the language of a bill and a way to get the dialogue opened on this issue.

4. Insurance equality for motorcyclists 29%

I have discussed this with Attorney Mark Breyer and am currently working on a way to overturn the current case law from Warfel v Cheney which I believe discriminates against motorcyclists.

5. Motorcycle Only Checkpoints 28%

This is currently not an issue in Arizona but I am tracking legislation on the federal level and in other states as well.

6. Ethanol & Fuel Issues 28%

I am working on a way to keep E15 fuel out of Arizona.

7. Requirement to be an endorsed motorcycle rider in order to register a motorcycle in Arizona 22%

I am in discussions with MVD on this.

8. Motorcycle Riders course in lieu of traffic school for moving violations 21%

I am working on the language for this and will be looking for a like-minded legislator to introduce this.

9. Helmet Laws & Initiatives 20%

I continually monitor any initiative that has been introduced from around the nation and try to help other states with this issue as well.

10. Motorcycle Safety Fund 20%

I will stay on top of this to make sure it continues to run smoothly and AMSAF receives the funding for the scholarships they provide.


I’ve had a few good meetings with several state representatives about the upcoming session. I attempt to have at least 2-3 conversations with our elected leaders each week.


We are still working on getting the House and Senate Resolutions on motorcycle profiling through committee.


We have scheduled our first Biker Town Hall for September 28th at the Arizona Italian American Club in Phoenix. This should be a great opportunity to open dialogue between the motorcycle community and elected leaders, law enforcement and others who make policy that effect us. Keep an eye out. I am working on coordinating more Biker Town Halls around our state.


AzMVP, our 501c3, is working on getting more motorcyclists registered to vote across our state in addition to providing basic Constitution classes. There is also the help we are providing in getting several people their voting rights restored. Educating motorcyclists on the voting process is one of our principal goals. Financial support of AzMVP is tax deductible.


We are in the first stages of forming an ABATE exclusive PAC. This will enable our organization to support those state and federal candidates financially that support our agenda. It will also allow us to actively use our resources to change the elected leadership to a more motorcycle friendly environment.

Keep an eye out on the State Lobbyist blog for continued updates.

There is also a sign up form for email updates on the blog site as well.

Freedom is a team sport!

Mike Infanzon
ABATE of Arizona
State Designated Lobbyist

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