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Legislative Update - December 2017



Mark your calendars for January 8th. That is the opening day of the legislature. While we are not hosting any “formal” event, a few of us will be at the State Capital and I would love to see as many ABATE members show up as possible. There is rumor that someone will have coffee and donuts. I’ll give you more information as we get closer.

2. Motorcycle Day at the Dome has been scheduled for May 2. We requested a date in February but were told that none were available. The Leg. Council stated that mid- April would be the earliest date available. We decided for May instead to get more publicity for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month. The Governor has already been invited to attend and I am planning on inviting ALL 91 cities and towns in Arizona to be a part of it also.

This late in session date does not prohibit anyone from seeing their elected officials. In fact, I am in the process of trying to schedule “district” days where you can have a lunch with your state reps. Even on a Saturday.

3. Legislation language has been submitted for several key areas to a few legislators asking them to open a folder with the Legislative Council. That is the first step in the process to getting a bill passed.

4. It’s been almost a year since I took over as the state lobbyist. I have been to every chapter in our state. I hope to see more and more of you this coming year. We still have a tremendous amount of work to get done, but we can do it.

5. Meeting of the Minds 2018 – see the back page of the Masterlink.

FYI. I have been playing email tag with so many over the past few months to schedule meetings, phone calls and events. I have a scheduler now to make it easy for anyone who needs to meet, speak or would like me to attend their event/meeting. To schedule appointments/calls, please use

Be good to one another.

Mike Infanzon
ABATE of Arizona
State Designated Lobbyist

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