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President's Reports

August 2017

Greetings to all my Brothers & Sisters of ABATE of Arizona.

Well as I sit to write this monthly report, I cannot help but think about some of the meetings and events that I have attended this year. Starting in January with the Officers training, then Motorcycle Day at the Dome, the many ACMC meetings as well as several chapter meetings, I have attended several motorcycle awareness events and town halls and various meet & greets for local and state elected officials. One of things that strike me throughout all these events is that it seems to be the same faces from the various organizations and from our chapters that I see at these functions.

When I sit in meetings or talk with riders about the various issues that are affecting the motorcycling community, there are always those who are quick to ask why something cannot be changed or how come a certain issue has not be resolved. They often are very adamant on the issues that are important to them. They can get loud and pound their fists. They ask what are “WE” doing to solve this problem or change this law etc. BUT when it comes time to stand up with their brothers and sisters to fight the good fight, they are never to be found.

When the call is put out and we say we need to fight, all we are asking is a few hours of your time to let your legislators know that you support our cause. To take a few minutes out of your day to send the emails, make the telephone calls; show up with you brothers and sisters, maybe sit in a meeting room and show your support with your presence. Stand on a street corner for an hour or two holding up a “Lookout for Motorcycles” sign and help be part of a big crowd so that when the media shows up they see a large impassioned group.

Our designated lobbyist, Mike, has been hard at work representing all of us at the State Capitol. He has been writing a blog and sending out emails to keep us all updated. He has done a tremendous job rebuilding bridges that have been burnt in the past. As of late, he has put together a survey and emailed it to our entire membership. He has asked everyone to take just a few minutes to fill out the survey so he can have the information to better serve YOU! PLEASE, if you have not yet done so, take the time and complete the survey. When a call to action or some other request is made, try and make the effort to respond to the request and take the steps needed.

We also understand that every member has a different level commitment. Some of us are very passionate of our cause, others are clearly not as interested. Many riders are not interested enough to even pay a small fee in annual dues to protect their right to ride free.

Organizations such as ours need individuals who are able to take maybe a little more of their time to work for our cause. We need folks to step up and fill positions as officers of their local chapters, as well as folks to step up and be state officers. The Too Broke for Sturgis committee needs people to fill several positions as many of the committee members have been doing this for many, many years and need to step away. It is also very important to get new members involved, as they can bring a fresh perspective to the table and new ideas on how to improve what we have been doing for years. If you are passionate about motorcycling and protecting your freedom, please try to commit to just that little bit of time out of your day to do something to protect those rights. Attend a few more motorcycle awareness events, make a few more telephone calls, send a few more emails and maybe get to know your local politicians in the city and county where you live. Show up at that town hall meeting in your district. Spend a couple hours working an information booth for your chapter at a local event. Show the world that you are proud to be a motorcyclist and that your right to ride free is important.

And no matter what, when you are out in public riding, you are representing the motorcycle community, please be sure to conduct yourself with dignity and show respect to other citizens around you. They make judgments on the whole biker lifestyle based one or two interactions.

Until next month!! RIDE FREE!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona