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President's Reports

March 2017

As I sit down to write this I just got back from Phoenix and Motorcycle Day at the Dome. I want to thank all who served on the committee for this year’s event. It was a great event. We had approximately 200 or so motorcyclists attend. There were also over 30 of our elected officials who took the time to come out and enjoy lunch and meet with some of us. I look forward to next year’s event and working with our officials for the benefit of all those in our motorcycling community. There were representatives of all of the Motorcycle Rights Organizations who sponsored MDATD. It was good to see that all of the groups are dedicated to work together for the common good. As many of you already know the bill to re-establish the Motorcycle Safety Fund, SB1082 has been passed in the Senate and now need to go to the House. This fund does not use any state monies.

Arizona Motorcyclists pay an additional $1.00 on their registration compared to vehicles. That is what goes into the Safety Fund. The fund is governed by the Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS). The original intent was for this fund to subsidize motorcycle training throughout Arizona. Many of the Legislators I spoke to at MDATD said they would support reestablishing this fund. Please let your Representatives know that you wish for them to support this effort.

The Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) committee also had an information tent at MDATD to inform those attending what AMSAF does and the scholarship program. They also had information on their family oriented educational event “RIDING FOR THE LONG HAUL” March 5th at the Shrine Auditorium at 552 N 40th St., Phoenix, AZ. For more information about AMSAF and all they do for the motorcycling community go to

This is the time of year when our calendars start getting very full. The weather is getting better and everyone has events planned and rides in the works. Arizona Bike week is in April and many of the clubs and charities have scheduled events for this time of year. Because of all the events and the fact that the best riding weather in the country is here in Arizona this time of year we have many visitors from out of state. These folks are not always familiar with our road and conditions. Please ride defensively and look out for these folks. We have lost way too many of our fellow riders already this year. Everyone should be able to enjoy the beautiful rides here in Arizona and get home safe afterwards. We have published a new handout stressing the 4 R’s of riding. RIDE SAFE, RIDE SMART, RIDE RESPONSIBLE and RIDE ENDORSED. You will be seeing this theme carried out in other formats by ABATE in the future.

As always, until next month!


Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona