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President's Reports

September 2017

Greetings to all my Brothers & Sisters of ABATE of Arizona.

Well by the time this article goes to press and The Masterlink is printed and available it will be September! Our great country will be celebrating Labor Day with a National Holiday. The kids will all have been back in school for a couple weeks and hopefully everyone who was lucky enough to go to South Dakota for the rally will be home safe!

ABATE of Arizona will be planning our annual membership meeting and the State Officer elections. The Chapters will be planning their elections and everyone will be working on our budgets for the next year. The State officers have been working on several new programs and we are always open to ideas from our members. If you or your chapter members have an idea for a program you would like to see ABATE sponsor please put your ideas together WITH AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE and bring to the attention of the state officers. We will be happy to review it and see if it is something that we can do as an organization! One of the issues that keep coming up is the amazing numbers of motorcyclists here in the state of Arizona who ride without a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. We work with the folks at AMSAF who offer scholarships for the rider’s education classes and we promote these to our members to share with all riders they know so there is really no reason to ride without the endorsement. Many folks do not realize that if they are stopped by law enforcement and they do not have the endorsement their bike can be towed and impounded and this can cost hundreds of dollars just for towing and storage fees.

ABATE of Arizona is going to get much more vocal and proactive in pushing for all motorcyclists to ride endorsed. Look for much more on this is the coming months.

Until then I challenge every Chapter in the State to check all your members at your next meeting and see who has the endorsement on their license. This is not to tease or ridicule those who do not, but to serve as an illustration to us all. If one of our members does not have an endorsement it is in OUR best interest to help them to obtain it. Not only is it illegal but insurance companies have been known to deny claims because of the lack of a valid endorsement. We cannot push for all riders to have one if we all do not also have one. SO next meeting have everyone show their license and maybe make a game of it like you cannot win the drawings if you don’t have the endorsement!

Another point that has come up is motorcyclists being register to vote! We have all seen in recent years the push to register voters from many special interest groups across the country. Many of them have used questionable tactics and have played loose and fast with the rules. But the politicians take notice of those who are actively recruiting folks to their causes by registering voters. Our designated Lobbyist Mike Infanzon has completed the training to be able to register voters and is looking to help spread the program across the state. WE NEED TO REGISTER MORE BIKERS!! If you are not registered or have moved since you last registered Mike can help you get properly registered to vote. If you have had your voting rights suspended, and need to know if they can be reinstated, Mike can help.

We will be trying to roll a program across all our Chapters to put on a voter registration drive at every event we can. By showing that we are actively pushing for more registered motorcyclists, the politicians will take notice and our voices will be heard that much clearer in the halls of government.

Several of us will be traveling to Virginia this month to attend the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s convention which is called THE MEETING OF THE MINDS! This is held every year and motorcycle rights advocates from all around the country come together to meet and discuss what is happening in their states and on a national level. There are many different seminars and meetings and an amazing amount of knowledge is shared. I look forward to attending and those of us who will be there also look forward to sharing what we can with our membership when we get back. We are looking into putting a “mini” event in conjunction with the officers training to share with Chapter officers. Look for more on this in the coming months.

Until next month PLEASE ride safe and look out for the kids who are back in school. The universities are back in session with many out of state students. Also be attentive because this time of year our winter visitors start coming back and tourism is up. These folks are not always familiar with our streets and roads and may not be very attentive so be careful out there!!!

Until next month!! RIDE FREE!!

Jim Butsback
State President
ABATE of Arizona